Surprise! These 6 States Also Offer Cannabis Delivery

Cannabis Delivery mg Retailer
Cannabis Delivery mg Retailer

It may not be as easy as ordering pizza, but cannabis delivery is a viable option for many consumers in the United States. Delivery is not simply for lazy customers; many patients are unable to make frequent trips to the dispensary and having their medicine brought to them offers the best way to ensure safe access. Sure California, Washington, and Nevada license delivery services, but so do some surprising other states.



Arizona legalized medicinal cannabis use in 2010. While many are aware of that, some may not realize the state’s Medical Marijuana Act permits cannabis delivery. In order to receive cannabis at home, patients must be registered medical marijuana patients or caregivers. Companies offering delivery in Arizona vary by location; check for local services.


After years of delays, Maryland finally got its medicinal cannabis program off the ground in 2017. Patients and caregivers who are registered with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission are eligible to receive delivery from dispensaries. Operators must do their due diligence and make sure patients are registered. Patients are required to confirm they need cannabis delivered before being eligible. Glenn Dale Marijuana Delivery is one option.


Massachusetts has legalized both medicinal and recreational cannabis use. But so far, only medical patients are eligible to receive home delivery. There are several businesses that are approved for delivery and the Cannabis Control Commission has said that they will approve recreational delivery rules by no later than next year, so there could be even more options on the way. For now, you may want to check out Canna Bus Delivery.

New Mexico

Medicinal Cannabis use was signed into law by former Gov. Bill Richardson in 2007. Registered patients and caregivers are eligible for cannabis delivery. Patients cannot cultivate their own plants so if they do not want to travel to a dispensary, MJExpress-O and Sacred Garden may be able to help. More shops are expected to add this service for patients.

New York

Medicinal cannabis was legalized in New York in 2014. There are not many dispensaries to meet demand in the Empire State so delivery is essential for many patients. Vireo Health and Etain Health are among the current delivery options in New York. To qualify for delivery, patients and caregivers must be registered with the state.


Both recreational cannabis and medicinal cannabis are permitted in Vermont, however, there is no regulatory structure for recreational sales. Dispensaries are only permitted to sell to approved patients. Although adults without a medical recommendation are allowed to possess cannabis, only qualified patients can receive delivery. Grassroots Vermont is one dispensary that will deliver to registered patients.