Stunning Chemistry in Aurora, Colorado

Good Chem MG
Good Chem MG

The Award-Winning Good Chemistry Is Being Hailed As A Cross Between An Apple Store And A Whole Foods-And Has Elevated The Rec Bar In The Centennial State.

16840 E. ILIFF AVE
AURORA, CO 80013
303 745-2420

“We Wanted To Create A Sleek, State-Of-The-Art Facility Build Around The Type of Experiences And Benefits Customers Are Seeking” Stephen Spinosa Vice President of retail operations at Good Chemistry


In December 2015, the Good Chemistry dispensary was awarded Best Retail Center at the Cannabis Business Awards in Denver. “This is a big win for us,” said Matthew Huron, chief executive officer for Good Chemistry. “In developing Good Chemistry’s Aurora location, we brought together a team of award-winning professionals to implement the company’s vision for a groundbreaking retail cannabis experience.”

The Aurora location’s design is equal measure high-end natural food store and tech salon, replete with beautiful wood flooring and retail cases. The company is set to create a revolutionary category system that is broken down into four main categories to help consumers choose which sensation they would like to experience: amplify, relax, sleep, or relieve.  With this system, consumers can choose the sensation they seek. With that information, Good Chemistry’s staff is able to direct customers to the correct strain and THC level that is best for them based on staff members’ experience.

“The Aurora location was designed to appeal to a broad base of customers and opened with Good Chemistry’s pioneering category system that helps people thoughtfully navigate the diverse world of cannabis in many ways across many levels of experience, as well as offer accessible information on the many different strains available,” said Stephen Spinosa, vice president of retail operations.

Huron brought together a team of award-winning professionals, including branding expert Michael Markowitz, president of Michael Markowitz + Associates; Joseph Duffy, design director at Duffy and Partners; and Tony Coleman of Tony Coleman Brand Design Retail Interiors. Architect Brett Miller, head of Miller Design Works and a long-time partner of Good Chemistry, applied his knowledge of cutting-edge technology and cannabis industry design and construction.

“We wanted to create a sleek, state-of-the-art facility built around the type of experiences and benefits customers are seeking through cannabis by pioneering a category system to help people easily navigate the diverse range of cannabis products,” Spinosa noted.

“Budtender requirements consist of good personalities, great listening skills, and a passion for Good Chemistry and cannabis. Good Chemistry’s best practices ensure our staff is highly educated and thoroughly trained to make the best recommendation for all customers, from beginners to connoisseurs.” – Stephen Spinosa

The exclusive strains Ingrid and Mr. Good Chem, and the highly acclaimed Sour Diesel, Blue Dream, OGer, Durban, and Poison. “Rosin is Good Chemistry’s exclusive solvent-less hash oil that is made simply by using heat and pressure,” noted Spinosa. “Our solvent-less processing eliminates the use of any harsh extraction methods such as butane, propane, or CO2. Rosin is a highly concentrated form of THC produced by separating a honey-like resin from the cannabis plant. The product can be consumed in a few different ways, but the most popular method is dabbing.”