Steve Kirsh, Founder and Managing Partner of KindKhameleon, Recommends…

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s kirsh 2012 300dpi CMYK ver2 web e1510347844469

Flour Child ( is retro but with a clever and modern twist. I enjoy their seasonal jams and granola. Small batch, organically sourced fruit made with sustainable growing practices. I also like Treat Yourself ( They combine two of my favorite treats, cannabis and pop tarts, that are organic and gluten-free.

The EVO from VapeXhale ( is smooth, aromatic, and efficient, with a beautiful design. The V2Pro Series3x from V2 ( is pricey, but I love the colors, design, performance, and that it’s a three-in-one vape pen with interchangeable atomizer options.


The CBD Peppermint Tincture from Essential Cannabidiol Solutions ( is effective, pure, and delicious. The Releaf Patch from Papa & Barkley ( is an ideal on-the-go remedy that has really helped my chronic neck pain.

Kosher Tangie is a 60/40 indica dominant hybrid that keeps me balanced, calm, and content. Grapefruit is potent with a rich aroma and flavor that takes the edge off while keeping me going.

Harvest in San Francisco ( is well curated and beautifully designed; this is where adult-use retail is heading. I love their hidden lounge space for hosting parties and events. Medithrive Mission ( has an inviting environment with wicked-cool visual displays, located in one of my favorite Bay Area neighborhoods.

Mellows ( is a delight in every bite. Beautifully packaged and sensibly priced, these 5mg marshmallows are my go-to dinner party or hostess gift. Each box contains twelve decorated marshmallows.