Safe-ty first: 5 Safes for Cannabis Dispensaries

cannabis safes mg Retailer e1537841874555
cannabis safes mg Retailer e1537841874555

As we all know, the cannabis industry does not have access to the banking system. This means, for the most part, many shops are housing cash and cannabis under the same roof. This puts quite a target on shops for both internal and external theft. We all hope for the glorious day when legit cannabis businesses are allowed to play by the same rules as everyone else. However, in the meantime, check out these great safes that may be the difference between keeping your doors open and shutting down after losing everything to theft.

Socal Safe


Socal Safe has been around for over a century, long before legal cannabis. They are known for quality safes tailored for many industries. In recent years, they have taken their experience to the cannabis industry. Socal Safe also offers many other products including transportation lockers and fire resistant safes. Socal Safe may be located in California but they do business across the nation.

Wilson Safe Company

Wilson Safe is a robust security company offering cameras, alarms, and many other products in addition to vaults and safes. They have also been in operation for over a century. Wilson can install sophisticated access control systems so you can keep unwanted guests far from your products and cash.

Sturdy Safe

Sturdy Safe offers safes that are ideal for cannabis dispensary operators. They utilize thick steel, so a thief with a sledge hammer probably won’t have a lot of luck. Study Safe can even provide products that are torch resistant. These safes prevent air from seeping out, which can help for discretion and also humidity control when storing cannabis flower.

Brown Safe

Brown Safe has been working for decades with government organizations and is now offering products specifically tailored to the cannabis industry. Brown Safes not only protect cannabis and cash, but they also meet most insurance company standards. Brown Safe also makes vaults and other non-traditional safes, such as discreet floor safes and hidden compartments–so even if criminals are able to break into your shop, they may never figure out where you’re keeping inventory or cash.

Armor Safe Technologies

While not branded specifically as a cannabis safe, the Cache System 2400 from Armor Safe Technologies was designed for businesses handling high volume cash transactions. The Cache System 2400 provides an audit trail for managers and each transaction is linked to a specific employee using the safe. This safe also uses casino technology to verify bills and can detect counterfeit money.