A Few of Author and Consultant Michael Green’s Favorite Cannabis Things…

Volcano classic vaporizer 1 clip web
Volcano classic vaporizer 1 clip web


For a home device, I really like the Volcano. It’s expensive but has a lifetime warranty and endures heavy, long-term use. For handheld, I prefer Mighty (VaporNation.com). It’s quick to heat up and can use both flower and concentrates. I also like Solo (Arizer.com). It never burns your product and, like the others, can endure heavy, consistent use, and the user isn’t left wanting more.(VolcanoVaporizer.com)

Kiva, edibles, michael greenEdible

Kiva Chocolate Cappuccino Bites (KivaConfections.com). They taste great and have great packaging. The bites are a great way to introduce new customers who aren’t that familiar with edibles. They can take 5mg increments slowly at their pace until they find their magic number to get their desired effect.


OM Extracts, Michael GreenConcentrate

I really like OM Extracts CO2 Vape Cartridge (OmFarms.com), because they are cost-effective and always deliver a consistent, clean taste.

Blue Dream, flower, cannabis, Michael GreenFlower

For daytime use, I like Blue Dream. There’s no drag, and it gives me energy. Also, Headband gives you some of the potency of the indicas but without some of the heavier body effects. And Skywalker OG is excellent for recreational and medicinal use.

Medicine Farm Botanicals, topical, products, Michael GreenTopical

I really like Medicine Farm Botanicals First Aid (MedicineFarmBotanicals.com). My customers use it for burns, cuts, rashes, eczema, muscle relief, joint relief, and poison oak.

Kiva, edibles, Michael GreenBrands

KIVA (KivaConfections.com) has a great variety of properly dosed and well-packaged and labeled edibles. Great for beginners. Also, Wild West (WWgrowers.com), a medical marijuana growing collective, is blazing a path in the Oregon recreational market as one of the first to develop a range of high-quality products under a mainstream brand to deliver the quality and quantity the market needs at affordable prices.

CBD Honey Sticks, Michael GreenCBD

CBD Stix Honey Stix (CBDHoneyStix.com) are great; it’s all CBD, no THC. Great for introducing the medicinal properties to patients who are new or nervous to try marijuana-related products due to the misinformation over the years. Can be shipped all over the continental U.S.

MMJ Menu, Inventory, Retailing, Cannabis, Michael GreenInventory Control

We use MMJ Menu (MmjMenu.com). It’s free with Weedmaps’s basic listing and is very adaptable to an ever-changing market.

Michael GreenMichael Green is the former director of operations for Twenty After Four dispensary in Eugene, Oregon. He is also the author of Modern Marijuana Living (5Points Publishing) and Modern Marijuana Economy.