Memorial Day Weekend Sees Bump in Cannabis Sales

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Another holiday means another chance for dispensaries to maximize their bottom line. We have Memorial Weekend sales data from three of the biggest cannabis analytics firms in the industry.

While Memorial Day is not exactly a fill in for 4/20, it is a holiday synonymous with backyard BBQs and fun with friends. So it’s no surprise there was a rise in some key cannabis sales areas.


One trend in the industry seems to be developing across the board. Despite lazy “stoner” stereotypes, consumers seem to be planning ahead. Flowhub noticed a two percent decrease in sales on Memorial Day compared to an average Monday. However, they found a three percent growth in sales for Memorial Day Weekend overall and a four percent increase in all transactions when comparing the numbers from 2018 to 2019.

LeafLink also noted some interesting trends when it came to flower sales. According to LeafLink, flower made up an average of 28.2 percent of daily sales during that week with a spike on the May 21 when flower jumped to 34.13 percent of daily sales. Flower sales typically account for 22 percent of daily sales on the LeafLink platform.

Headset examined data from four states with legal recreational cannabis markets, Washington, Colorado, California, and Nevada. When compared to statistics in the four weeks leading up to Memorial Day Weekend, sales were up by $60.5 million. Colorado and Nevada experienced the highest increase in sales, up 6.4 percent and 9.8 percent, respectively. When it comes to the items that sold best, it was not just a weekend spent taking time to smell the flower. Infused edibles (up 13.75 percent) and beverages (up 10.4 percent) saw the biggest increases in sales. Tinctures, sublinguals, concentrates, and capsules all experienced an approximate five percent drop in sales over Memorial Day Weekend. Vape pens and pre-rolls only experienced a slight (1 percent) increase in sales over the same period.