Get Lucky With These 7 Cannabis Valentine’s Day Gifts

incredibles valentines
incredibles valentines

It is almost Valentine’s Day, and we all know what that means. Chocolates, flowers – and the fear of being upstaged by superior gift givers within your significant other’s circle of friends. Don’t worry. We’re here for you. Check out our Lucky 7 list of cannabis-themed Valentine’s Day gifts:

Valentine's Day, Valenhigh, greeting card, cannabis1) KushKards “Valenhigh” Greeting Card

Who isn’t tired of the generic message inside your average Valentine’s Day greeting card? Let KushKards tell your partner what you really want. Their “Valenhigh” card (with pre-roll slot) lets your significant other know that “All I need is chocolate and weed!”

Lowell Farms, cannabis, cannabis bouquet, flower2) Lowell Farms Cannabis Bouquets

While we may have mocked flowers above as a typical gift, we certainly were not referring to this unique bouquet. Lowell Farms is offering a 1oz. cannabis floral arrangement. At a cost of $400, it may be worth it for the buds alone. Roses are red, violets are blue, normal flowers die, but this bouquet will make you fly.


yummi karma, valentines day, bubble bath, pop the bubbly, cannabis3) High Gorgeous Pop The Bubbly Bubble Bath

Finally, you’re alone with your Valentine. Lucky for you, the makers of Yummi Karma have released High Gorgeous, a line of infused topicals that aim to provide full body bliss. For those looking for an intimate nightcap, the Pop The Bubbly Bubble Bath can wind down the perfect Valentine’s Day.

Incredibles, Strawberry Crunch, edibles, Valentine's Day4) Incredibles Strawberry Crunch Bar

Nothing can ruin Valentine’s Day faster than over-indulgence on edibles. The Incredibles Strawberry Crunch Bar is carefully dosed with 10mg of THC per square. Incredibles triple tests its chocolates to ensure safety and consistency. Made with deliciously rich white chocolate, flax crispies, and real dried strawberries, this tasty treat can set the perfect mood for a romantic night.

Valentines Day5) Bud and Breakfast

The daily grind can try to dampen the mood on Valentine’s Day. For those who want a romantic getaway but are not looking to ditch their stash, Bud and Breakfast may be able to help. Tired of egg beaters and packaged pastries sitting under heat lamps? Buds and Breakfast ditches the tired continental breakfast. Guests get to enjoy their complimentary wake and bake breakfast every morning of their stay.

Valentines Day, massage oil, mary jane's medicinals, cannabis6) Mary Jane’s Medicinals Massage Oil

Of course, life may not always permit us to drop everything and skip town. If you are seeking to create the spa experience at home, check out the infused massage oil from Mary Jane’s Medicinals. Couples can lend a helping hand to each other and help ease tension and pain. You have not had a massage until you’ve experienced a “ganjassage.”

7) Luv Buds Grinder

There is a smorgasboard of innovative cannabis products out there, but sometimes you just want to get back to the basics. Good old-fashioned cannabis flower is still as popular as ever. The Luv Buds grinder is available in gloss-red with hearts and leaves, showing off your love for cannabis. You will catch more than just affection as the Luv Buds grinder includes a kief catcher at the bottom. Whether you love Blue Dream or King Louis, the Luv Buds grinder will prepare any strain for consumption.