Life Is Like A 420 Goody Box, You Never Know…

420 goody box

“Our mission is to provide fun, efficient, and valuable goodies without customers having to drive miles to their dispensary,” said Elle Fine, founder and chief executive officer of 420 Goody Box. “We provide a monthly surprise box of goodies and more at a price that has substantial value.”

Customers pay $27.98 per month (shipping included) and receive five to eight treats—snacks, sweets, beverages, etc.—that normally would cost $50 to $85. By popular demand, 420 Goody Box added the Top Shelf, which includes at leat $250-worth of higher-end items for $86.93 per month.

Fine launched the company after her husband experienced serious health issues. Upon his release from the hospital, Fine asked a doctor what she could do to help with pain management. To her surprise, the doctor replied that her husband’s pain was “nothing a little medical marijuana wouldn’t help.”


While researching what was best for her husband’s ailments, Fine became overwhelmed with all the kinds of products available. Why, she wondered, was there no service that would deliver a selection of products to her door so her husband could experience a wide range of options and decide for himself what worked best? So, she created her own solution.

“We built a culture for 420 Goody Box,” she said. “I’ve had women send me pictures of their husbands standing by the mailbox waiting for their postman to come.”

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