5 Great Infused Products We Love for May

Rose Gold Vaporizer 1 clip
Rose Gold Vaporizer 1 clip

Rokin Vapes: Nitro Pen Vaporizer Kit—Rose Gold

The Rokin Nitro combines elegance and extreme functionality using no plastics, no fibers, and no glues. Extra airflow and a glass chamber combine with a dual quartz titanium wire atomizer to deliver smooth, clean hits. The kit comes complete with all the accessories needed to get started right away, including a full extra atomizer. For concentrates only. RokinVapes.com


king palm, products, Rokin vapesKing Palm: Minis

Dubbed “the best slow-burning, natural leaf on the planet,” these babies are hand-rolled with a pre-installed natural corn filter. Easy to use; no glue or artificial flavors. KingPalmUsa.com


Dymapak: Twistspencer

The sharp-looking Dymapak Twistspencer provides direct dabbing with no leaking, can dispenses any oil, will fit in a pocket, and can be customized to brand your cannabis oil. Dymapak.com


Shield n sealed, vacuum sealer, marijuana, products, rokin vapesShield N Seal: Professional Vacuum Sealer SNS 750

For people who demand fresh herb all the time, the SNS 750  has proven a top-notch sealer for fruits and vegetables, preserving the flavor, nutritional value, and freshness for an extended period of time. Seals packages up to sixteen inches wide and features an impact seal mode. ShieldNSeal.com


Grav Labs, Bongs, pipes, vapes, rokin vapes, products, marijuanaGrav: Jane West Beaker

Designed by Jane West, this sophisticated cobalt-blue beaker is at once modern and retro, replete with a fixed, diffused downstem and hand-finished joints to ensure seamless use and resilience. The blue beauty is made with elegant borosilicate glass and comes with a matching 14mm cobalt funnel bowl. Grav.com