Hungry for Yummi Karma

Yummi Mac and Cheese
Yummi Mac and Cheese

The successful edibles maker pops into high gear.

“When we started Yummi Karma, our goal was to make cannabis products more approachable, especially for women,” said Krystal Kitahara, owner of Yummi Karma. With discreet tinctures and “non-stoner” packaging, it is no wonder people think Yummi Karma’s products are very approachable.

Since we last spoke with Yummi Karma, a lot of exciting releases have dropped. The packaging has become even more vibrant, and some of the new food inside really stands out. Two of the company’s new popcorn flavors—Mac and Cheese, and Parmesan and Herb—are not run-of-the-mill flavors. Can you say “Yummi?”

Yummi Karma is determined to live up to the latter part of its name. Designed with military veterans in mind, the new high-CBD tincture is spreading karma. “That was a labor of love for the veterans who approached us looking for relief from PTSD,” said Kitahara.

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The company also backs up its commitment to helping women free themselves from the stigma of cannabis use. The new High Gorgeous line was designed to blend cannabis use into the normal routines of many women. “It is a line of topicals for women that look, smell, and feel like the products we’re all used to using from the big chain beauty stores,” Kitahara said. The line includes several unique infused products such as body lotions, bubble bath, and lip balms.

High Gorgeous, yummi karma, edibles, topicals, marijuana, businessSummer will be here soon, and Kitahara plans to be ready. “We are expanding our High Gorgeous line to include a summer line of tanning and after-sun topicals,” she explained.

Sitting on the beach with some Yummi Karma-infused chips while taking in the sun with High Gorgeous tanning lotion may be the perfect summer relaxation.

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