Flowhub’s Stash App Provides Dispensaries With a Portable Inventory Manager

flowhub Stashapp mgretailer
flowhub Stashapp mgretailer

Flowhub, a company that provides inventory management and regulatory compliance services for cannabis dispensaries, has just released another tool intended to improve daily operations. The Stash App is a mobile platform that was designed to streamline dispensary operations on the fly. The app operates in conjunction with Flowhub’s NUG, a mobile scanner device that works with smartphones.

In addition to the convenience of managing inventory on a handheld device, the Stash App helps simplify the complexities of cannabis inventory management. 


Flowhub Stash App mgretailer

With hundreds of products and SKUs going through a dispensary each month, manually tracking data from a desktop and spreadsheets not only increases the chance for human error and discrepancies but is also a major drain on business resources,” Flowhub said in a release.

Flowhub’s Stash App provides several critical benefits including:

  • Audit inventory to create a digital paper trail between product, point-of-sale, and state tracking systems, such as Metrc.
  • Transfer inventory between multiple store locations with just a few clicks.
  • Move between rooms that are “for sale” and “not for sale” to control inventory availability and accuracy.

“With the launch of our new Stash App, Flowhub is taking dispensary inventory management mobile for the first time ever,” Flowhub Chief Executive Officer Kyle Sherman told mg. “We know that inventory tracking for dispensaries is not a stationary process that can be done from a desktop computer.”

Inventory is often one of the most tedious aspects of running a cannabis dispensary. If not done correctly shops can lose money, or even worse, they may increase the likelihood of errors that can compromise regulatory compliance and their entire business.  

“We’ve been focused on delivering the Stash App to best serve the needs of our customers,” Sherman continued. “By putting the power of inventory management in the hands of back of house staff, cannabis retailers can audit their inventory in real-time to quality track products, catch errors quickly to provide confidence in compliance reporting, and ultimately, create a seamless process that saves not just employee time and resources, but also helps the business grow.”

“We know that inventory tracking for dispensaries is not a stationary process that can be done from a desktop computer.”

One of Flowhub’s clients, Green Dragon, a successful chain of dispensaries in Colorado, is already using Stash App and has been pleased with how it has helped save time and resources.  Sam Gyongyosi, inventory manager at Green Dragon, says NUG and Stash App “makes our jobs faster and more flexible, and gives me confidence in the accuracy of our inventory. That’s what we need when we’re a small team of four.”