Tired of Winter? These 5 Hot Infused Drinks Will Put Some Spring in Each Sip

Screen Shot 2017 02 27 at 2.13.57 PM
Screen Shot 2017 02 27 at 2.13.57 PM

1) Wana Brands Hot Cocoa

You may already be game for their gummies, but you’re gonna Wana try their hot cocoa. It’s made with the same mix of science and passion Nancy Whitman infuses in all of the company’s acclaimed edibles. This rich, comforting concoction is available in Colorado in both recreational (10mg THC) and medical (200mg THC) brews. Wanabrands.com

Wana Brands, Mad Hatter, BrewBudz, Pot-O-Coffee, edibles, infused drinks2) Brewbudz Batch Roast

Brewbudz brings years of coffee brewing experience to the cannabis industry. They’ve combined two rituals that some swear by daily, drinking coffee and consuming cannabis. The Batch Roast is made from responsibly sourced, 100-percent Arabica beans. It is currently available in both regular and decaffeinated versions, with French Vanilla and hazelnut flavors coming soon. brewbudz.us


3) Pot-O-Coffee CBD Infused Tea

Pot-O-Coffee has been brewing good vibes with its premium blend of fresh arabica infused with all-natural cannabis oil. But trust us, you’ll also be tempted by its line of teas. The CBD Tea is made of handpicked green tea leaves and is perfectly infused with cannabis concentrate. This hot treat is ideal for combatting pain and promoting relaxation. All of Pot-O-Coffee’s products are clinically formulated and lab tested.potocoffee.coffee

Wana Brands, Mad Hatter, BrewBudz, Pot-O-Coffee, edibles, infused drinks4) Mary’s Wellness Apple Cider

Looking for something other than coffee or tea to kick-start your day? Mary’s Wellness offers a solution. Enjoy the delightfully rich taste and scent of apples and cinnamon in their hot apple cider. Who doesn’t want a tasty pain reliever and stress reducer? Each box contains 12 sachets with 60mg THC and 6mg CBD per serving. marysjava.com

Wana Brands, Mad Hatter, BrewBudz, Pot-O-Coffee, edibles, infused drinks5) Mad Hatter Coffee & Tea Company Hot Cocoa

Mad Hatter naturally offers a crazy variety of blends (each enhanced with herbs and spices) in a range of potencies. Lots of companies may be testing the water with infused beverages, but how many offer an all-natural Mushroom Elixir? This unique drink is crafted to provide an extra boost of energy and is ideal for those seeking a healthy start to their day. madhattercoffeeandtea.com