Innovation and Sales Take Flight at Firefly

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It was a good year for Firefly. In the fall, the company launched Firefly2, its much-anticipated follow-up to the original model. “Best overall vaporizer 2016,” Gizmodo declared. “Amazingly sexy and super-high-tech,” Know Techie said. The Cannabist called the Firefly2 experience “easy, enjoyable, super-flavorful.” The praise was warranted. Firefly2 is 55-percent lighter and 33-percent smaller than the original model. Overall, it provides a much smoother and more user-friendly experience.

“Firefly2 also comes with an app that allows users to download the latest firmware for the device and lets them further customize it to their needs,” said Suzy Lanza, who heads business development and creative partnerships at the company. “We spared no expense in building Firefly2 . The body is made out of a magnesium alloy, and the heating coil is made out of our proprietary titanium super-alloy that does not flake off nichrome particles over time, keeping your lungs safe. ”


Firefly, vape, marijuanaSales have been healthy. Many Firefly1 owners upgraded, and many new customers bought the new model. The company has a tight branding ethos that centers around elevating the current state of cannabis culture. “We also bring in a lot of artistic assets to our marketing. The power of the arts is something our company strongly believes in,” noted Lanza.

To boost dispensary sales, the company has implemented in-store demos and staff training. And they have a surprise or two up their sleeve for 2017.

“We’re releasing a gorgeous [point of sale] display in the new year in select markets and will have other exciting announcements,” said Lanza.
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