Dispensing Wisdom With Budtender Donna Serrato of MedMen

TipJar Donna Medmen 1 cc web
TipJar Donna Medmen 1 cc web

Donna Serrato, 27, had worked for three Borders bookstores when the company declared bankruptcy in 2011. Wanting to find more stable employment in a growing industry, she transitioned to budtending.

“The position at MedMen worked around my busy school schedule, and it gave me the freedom to do well in school and graduate,” Serrato said.


She’s since fallen in love with her job and is now making cannabis her career. She’s even become one of the top budtenders in Hollywood.

“Mostly, I do it for the patients,” she said. “I’ve seen people’s lives change in front of me.”

Snowboarding; going to concerts and sporting events.

Prior to joining MedMen, I had extensive customer service experience. At MedMen, I received comprehensive training on cannabis, cannabinoids and terpenes and their known effects, and current regulations around the products. There’s also MedicalJane.com, which is a great resource.

Retail Display
Most of the products at MedMen are in display cases in the storefront. The flowers are displayed in a state-of-the-art cannabis pod equipped with a magnifying glass and scent vent for inspection. It’s all very organized, and we have tight security within the premises.

Average Patients Per Day
Between 150 and 200.

I personally test all the edibles and vapes I recommend. Our supply manager does all the purchasing, but I do give my feedback when a product is something I would or would not recommend.

One day I’ll be running the cannabis industry!

First and Last Things You Do at Work Every Day
First thing I do is say hello to everyone, and the last thing I do is say goodbye to everyone.

Serrato’s Law

Communication is everything, and try to remember everyone’s name. It feels good to go where everyone knows your name.

8208 Santa Monica Boulevard
West Hollywood, California 90046