Dispensing Medicine with Budtender Julia M. Coatu of Cannabend

Julia Coatu Cannabend 3 cc web
Julia Coatu Cannabend 3 cc web

Julia M. Coatu, 29, has a long history in the customer service industry. She’s held posts in food service, hospitality, marketing, and branding, all of which have prepared her to become an award-winning budtender in Bend, Oregon. Coatu wears many hats at Cannabend. She’s also one of the intake managers and participates in the buying process.

“If trade samples are left, we try to give the entire team an opportunity to try the product,” Coatu said. “We have discussions about the terpenes, the effects, the mechanism, etc. I can tell a good product by the response of my team.”


Like many budtenders, Coatu has a passion for her job and the industry at large. And big plans.

“I would love to open my own cafe offering cannabis and hemp specialties, as well as a fully interactive and educational experience for the consumer,” she said. “This industry is going places, and I’m along for the ride.” “When new customers come in the shop,

“When new customers come in the shop, the first thing I say is, ‘What brings you in today?’ This way I know where to start and what their end-game is. The ice is broken, and all of a sudden you’re having a conversation about cannabis.”

“I absolutely love food and cooking. I’m also a big animal lover, and I like to go on long hikes.”

Inventory Control
“Oregon joined Colorado and Alaska in using METRC, but we also perform weekly audits in-store. We have one of the largest selections in Bend, and we strive to always be compliant.”

Hot Categories
“Beverages are big right now, as well as tinctures, capsules, and gummies. We’re receiving a lot of requests for CBD, too.”

Best Sellers
“WANA Sour Gummies are flying off the shelves, as well as Gron Chocolate and Lunchbox Alchemy Squibs. NW Kind Extracts is a local company that is heavily sought-after. For topicals, Empower Oil and Medicine Farm Botanicals Dragon’s Blend.”

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“Clean branding and packaging, as well as childproof packaging. Childproof packaging is a big deal in Oregon, and companies that don’t automatically include CP packaging end up passing the cost off to the dispensary.”

3312 N. Highway 97
Bend, Oregon 97703
(541) 617-0420
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