Thirty Minutes or Less? Cannabis Deliveries May Start in Colorado

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Colorado looks to continue being an innovator for legalized cannabis with home delivery.

Delivery for Ms. Mary Jane? This is exactly what some in Colorado want to hear, and they will if a new bill passes in the state legislature.

Senate Bill 192 would allow medical and recreational cannabis dispensaries to deliver straight to the homes of patients and customers. The bill has bi-partisan support and has been co-sponsored by Sen. Tim Neville (R-Littleton), Rep. Jovan Melton, (D-Aurora), and Rep. Jonathan Singer (D-Longmont).


Delivery would only be permitted for customers and patients over 21 years old. For patients under the age of 21, a parent would be able to receive the delivery on their behalf. The same purchase limits per transaction in a dispensary would remain in place. Recreational customers could not purchase more than one ounce per delivery and medical patients could not exceed two ounces.

If SB 192 is passed, shops will not immediately be permitted to start deliveries. There will be a separate license that dispensaries will have to apply for. The delivery permit will have to be renewed every year. Delivery workers will be required to keep detailed records of all transactions. Specific transportation guidelines will also be set if the bill passes.

For some, this is not just a simple matter of convenience or novelty. There are many patients who have difficulty traveling to a dispensary. Anxiety or physical limitations can present a significant challenge for patients when trying to acquire their medicine.

Another issue to consider for patients is that one strain does not fit all. Some patients are looking for high-CBD strains and products to help ease chronic pain. Others may be seeking CBN-dominant strains to help get a good night’s sleep. If the nearest shop cannot meet the needs of a patient, why should they be forced to forgo their safe access to relief?