Cannabis Data Firms Provide Insights about Oil Sales for 7/10

Industry holidays offer a unique way to help shops maximize sales and keep the doors open.

Image: Roxana Gonzalez /

Although April 20 is synonymous with cannabis culture, there is another, and perhaps lesser recognized day that is very important to the cannabis industry. July 10, or 7/10—which looks like “oil” upside down—is a day where the focus is squarely on cannabis concentrates. Like other industry events, “Dab Day” allows cannabis dispensary operators to maximize sales.

Here are insights from cannabis analytics firm Headset and wholesale cannabis marketplace Leaflink that highlight 7/10 consumer behavior. 


Dab Day “has its own subculture around it, complete with rituals, etiquette, and Youtube channels,” Headset said in its December 2019 industry report. Last year, there was an overall increase in cannabis concentrate sales on July 10. “Sales of concentrates—oil, wax, shatter, and so on—shot up over 40 percent that day, with vapor pens even enjoying a bit of coattail growth.”

Leaflink found Dab Day may create sales momentum in the month leading up to 7/10. In 2019, sales through the LeafLink platform increased by 18.59 percent during this time. Oil cartridges made up 33 percent of sales, an increase of 6.45 percent when compared to the previous month. During the same time period, concentrates represented 14 percent of all LeafLink sales. This represents a 7.69 percent increase.

The top selling concentrates products on LeafLink’s platform in 2020 are: 

  • 1:1 RSO from Cannalicious; Michigan
  • Rec Wax/Shatter Mix from Green Treets; Colorado
  • 1.0g Live Resin – Sweet Leeroy from Raw Garden; California
  • Colorado Durban from MUV; Florida
  • Northern Lights from K.I.N.D. Concentrates; Arizona

Leaflink’s top selling cartridge products this year are:

  • Maui Wowie Pure Cartridge from MUV; Florida
  • Strawberry Champagne 1 Gram Vape Oil from PLUGPlay; California
  • Lemonchello Cartridge from Platinum Vape; Michigan
  • 1g Elite Cartridge – OG from The Clear; Colorado
  • Mimosa 1000mg Cartridge from Chesapeake Alternatives; Maryland

Those who have spent any significant time working in cannabis know there exists a thin line between operating at a profit and fighting through losses. Industry holidays offer a unique way to help shops maximize sales and keep the doors open. According to Headset, these industry holidays are not just something that can be created in a corporate boardroom, like quality flower, they grow organically.

“While seasonal affects all retail industries to some degree, cannabis is one of the few sectors that has its own special days, created not by the industry but by the consumers themselves.”