Budtending With Sapir Behor of CCSC Cloneville

Sapir Behor
Sapir Behor

Before becoming a budtender at CCSC Cloneville in Studio City, California, in 2016, Sapir Behor taught hot flow yoga in Los Angeles. Behor, 22, didn’t set out to become a budtender, but one thing led to another, and…

“I actually didn’t go through any specific training before becoming a budtender,” she said. “I used and shared all of my own knowledge and experiences with my patients to guide them on what method they would like to medicate.”


CCSC Cloneville, the oldest Prop D-compliant dispensary in the San Fernando Valley, is unique in that it has its own clone room.

“The Cloneville Select genetics test high in THC and are highly sought-after by our patients,” said Behor.

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CBD Is The Biggest Thing Right Now. People Are Realizing This Miracle Compound Can Stop Spasms, Calm Anxiety, And Soothe Those In Chronic Pain


“I love going on hikes and creating adventures. I also have my own jewelry and crystal business. When not doing these things, I breed Panther chameleons.”

Breaking the ice

“The first thing I say is, ‘Welcome to our facility’ and [then I] introduce them to our dispensary and nursery. Then I proceed to ask what they are medicating for and what their preference of medicating is.”

Inventory control

“We use Flowhub and have daily inventory counts, too.”

Product testing

“I personally try all of the products and also have a say in what we carry at the shop. I truly believe all budtenders should try all products for themselves so they can relate and understand the patient more when they are guiding them on choosing what method of medicating may work best.”

Hot category

“CBD is the biggest thing right now. People are realizing this miracle compound can stop spasms, calm anxiety, and soothe those in chronic pain.”

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