Tip Jar: Budtender Sarah Foss of Dank Colorado

Before becoming part of the cannabis industry, Sarah Foss, 25, dreamed of becoming an equestrian therapist. However, in 2014, while she was working as a part-time barista, that changed. The owner of Dank was in the shop and was so impressed with Foss’s skills that he offered her a job as a budtender.

“Cannabis was an easy transition from caffeine, and I wasn’t going to pass up an opportunity to get into this budding industry,” she said.


When not budtending, Foss works as a part-time tour guide for the cannabis industry.

“This is a lot of fun!” she gushed.

Before becoming a budtender, my only experience with the plant was my love for smoking it. Like many others in the industry, I learned through experience. I do my best to stay familiar with the different strains and their effects, as well as really listening to my customers when they give me feedback on how it affected them.

What I’ve learned so far
To ask more questions. Everybody is unique. Just because a sweet-tasting indica is the perfect high for me doesn’t mean everyone who walks through my door would agree. Some may find it puts them to sleep, some may not find it strong enough, and some may find it too sweet.

In the next ten years, I see myself doing something on the front lines of innovative cannabis science and research.

First/last thing I do at work
After clocking in and setting up the shop, I get my nose in all strains to make sure they are smelling fresh. Before I leave, I make sure everything is clean and prepped for the morning staff.

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Foss’s Law
How to keep them coming back!

Always give clear and honest opinions and recommendations. When a customer feels they have been listened to and is confident with their purchase, that experience sticks with them, and more often than not they come back.

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