Dispensing Wisdom With Budtender Kenneth “Randy” Trotter of Sweet Leaf Colorado

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Kenneth “Randy” Trotter’s road to becoming a budtender has been anything but straight. Before starting at Sweet Leaf a year and a half ago, Trotter, 23, worked in oil fields, putting in long hours for weeks at a time. He used cannabis for relaxation and relief when at home.

“I would use indica and CBD-heavy strains to aid my body from the strenuous work,” he said.


It didn’t take Trotter long to make his mark in the industry. He was a finalist for Budtender of the Year at the 2017 Cannabis Business Awards, and that’s not really surprising. He said he’s driven by a desire to make people as happy as he was when he found a product that helps reduce life’s everyday struggles.

“Seeing a person smile is always my goal at the end of the day,” Trotter said.

I do test the products and try to have diverse knowledge across the board and communicate my experience as effectively as possible. Having a personal anecdote for customers makes them feel much more comfortable.

When I am not at work, you can find me in the mountains. I enjoy going out to shows and community events, too. I am a very approachable person, and I enjoy making new friends.

Best sellers
Our best-selling vape is EvoLabs; for concentrates, Craft Sesh; edibles are Love’s Oven; and for flower, Sueno or Gorilla Glue #4.

Average patients per day
Between 150 and 200.

Inventory control
We hand-count inventory every morning and night. If we have any discrepancies, we will stay late to make sure the problem is figured out. If there is a discrepancy in the morning, we will pull the product until we figure what the situation is and what happened.

In a year, I hope to have a Budtender of the Year award. Within five years, I would like to be a district manager or a supervisor. In ten years, if the industry keeps growing the way it is, I aspire to be a partner in a company.

Sweet Leaf
5100 W 38th Avenue
Denver, Colorado 80212