How these cannabis companies are building their brands.

huxton clip web
huxton clip web

These companies are spending big bucks on world-class, luxury creative firms to tell their story.


Leafs By Snoop, Marketing, branding, cannabisCompany: Leafs by Snoop
Firm: Pentagram
Known for: Representing everything from architecture and interiors to products, posters, and books.
Clients: Verizon, MasterCard, The Atlantic, Saks Fifth Avenue.
The job: Produce an artisanal, minimalist design, including graceful lines, adventurous shapes, tropical colors, and a bronze reproduction of the cannabis leaf. “We wanted it to appeal to a broader spectrum of human,” said Pentagram’s Emily Oberman. “[Marijuana] is a field in which Snoop is a true connoisseur, and he saw an opportunity to create a business that genuinely comes from who he is.”



Company: Toast
Firm: Viceroy Creative
Known for: Three hundred campaigns, partnerships, and collaborations, including naming, brand architecture, and product development.
Clients: Ciroc, Hennessy, Land Rover, Moet & Chandon, Jaguar, GQ, David Yurman
The Job: Build a unisex, foil stamped, embossed box and logo evoking the Art Deco styles of the 1920s. “We wanted an affordable luxury brand similar to Patron, and Viceroy is an award-winning agency that works with the world’s top luxury brands,” said Toast co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Punit Seth. “Consumers and retailers love the packaging. We are thrilled with the results.”

Seven Point Dispensary, cannabis, marketingCompany: Seven Point Dispensary
Firm: Curioso
Known for: Building distinctive, commercially viable, and functionally attentive spaces, including architecture, interior design, packaging, and art.
Clients: Footlocker, Estudio, Hilton, Hyatt
The Job: Create a polished, clean, high-end boutique pharmacy complete with a giant glass cannabis humidor vault filled with custom, hand-crafted wooden boxes and canisters bearing the Seven Point brand. “Our number-one goal was to elevate the stigma of the product,” said Nina Grondin, Curioso partner and co-founder. “For the graphic identity of the brand itself, we collaborated with our partner firm La Tortilleria out of Monterrey, Mexico, to create a modern aesthetic that is sophisticated, yet casual; established, yet slightly playful.”

Company: Dixie Elixirs
Firm: Grit
Known for: Shaking up the agency model by working differently with clients to create brands that stand out on crowded shelves.
Clients: American Crew, Vail Resorts, Portico
The job: Forge a redesign that made the products look delicious and refreshing. “Dixie was clear that their products needed to stand out better on shelves; however, they left a lot of the creative to us,” said Grit owner and creative director Sean Topping. “I hope customers take away the quality that Dixie puts into everything they do and they will want to make the brand a part of their lifestyle.”

Branding, marketing, cannabis, HuxtonCompany: HUXTON
Firm: Kitchen Sink
Known for: Passionate individuals from a multitude of creative fields who believe in producing work with a purpose.
Clients: Disney, POMO, Four Peaks, University of Arizona
The job: Make elegant, portable, Zen tins for active consumers.We wanted to create a brand that someone would feel comfortable with on their coffee table,” said HUXTON Brand Manager Chelsea Johnson. “Our single-strain products appeal to more of the connoisseur, but our tins and pre-rolls are targeted to the consumer on the go. Kitchen Sink was able to turn our vision into a reality in a way we could never have imagined.”