Analysis: Cannabis Industry Sales Numbers for Thanksgiving and Black Friday

black friday marijuana

Black Friday weekend is the biggest time of year for retail stores. But does the cannabis industry also see an uptick in sales during the Thanksgiving and Black Friday week?

Headset Inc., a business intelligence, and analytics service, has provided us with some statistics from Thanksgiving and Black Friday 2016.


Overall, cannabis sales were higher leading up to and through Thanksgiving. On the Monday and Tuesday before Thanksgiving last year, cannabis sales were up by an average of 34 percent.

Black Friday sales were a bit more mixed. Sales of infused beverages and concentrates saw large increases while sales of capsules and vape pens actually went down in comparison to other weekends in October and November.

Like sales at the big box or department stores, cannabis products are available for a discounted price on Black Friday. Pre-Rolls were the most discount category where there was a 8.6 percent savings over the average price during the Black Friday weekend.