7-Eleven Said No CBD in Your Slurpee®

Rolling Road 7 11 mg magazine
Rolling Road 7 11 mg magazine

IRVING, Texas–Convenience store retailer 7-Eleven gave a statement regarding claims made in a cannabis company press release that said the major retailer had entered into an agreement with the company to sell CBD-infused products at than 4,000 of its stores.

Denver-based Phoenix Tears founder Janet Rosendahl-Sweeney said in a May 22nd press release, “We are excited that 7-Eleven will bring the Phoenix Tears product line to millions of Americans who can benefit from these all-natural, safe, and market-proven health alternative products.


“In addition, this agreement confirms our belief that CBD’s status as a mainstream wellness option has arrived. We’re eager to usher in a new era of effective, holistic, hemp-based supplements that are now as easy to buy as stopping by the local convenience store,” Rosendahl-Sweeney continued.

The next day, on May 23rd, 7-Eleven responded to reports with a statement to Huffington Post. Director of Communications for 7-Eleven Stephanie Shaw told the news blog, “We have made no agreement or partnership with this company and do not know why they said that.”

The company said further that it has no plans to stock CBD products in any of its 7,000 stores throughout the end of 2018, even in states where medical or adult-use cannabis is legal.

In the Phoenix Tears press release, the company was described as “a manufacturer of hemp-based CBD products for consumer use” and “one of the industry’s foremost leaders in the research, production, and use of CBD products. The company said it has produced more than “140 formulations, and has served nearly a quarter of one million individuals,” with headquarters located in Denver, and offices in Las Vegas and New York.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive compound derived from cannabis, which is increasingly popular as an ingredient in wellness-related products including cosmetics and alternative health products.

Representatives from 7-Eleven were not immediately available for comment when contacted for this post.