6 Ways to Motivate Employees at Your Dispensary or Office

motivating marijuana dispensary employees mg retailer
motivating marijuana dispensary employees mg retailer

Feeling like you could be getting a bit more out of your budtenders or other employees? We know what you’re thinking: They want more tender, and you simply may not have it. If all cannabis companies were flush with excess cash, then figuring out how to reward hard-working staff would be a no-brainer. That is simply not a reality yet in this industry, as most staffers work for startups. But you may be surprised at some simple steps you can take to get your employees to go the extra mile. Check out our tips below.

1. Lead by Example


No one wants to give 150 percent, only to watch their supervisor constantly cutting corners or leaving early. But if you roll up your sleeves and show you are not above getting your trimming fingers dirty, you may just see your staff step up their game accordingly. Stay positive and get excited about the goals of the company. This could end up being infectious.

2. Groom Your Team for Advancement

If your dispensary or company has room for career growth, training your employees for advancement is a win-win. However, even if there are not a ton of rungs on your corporate ladder, it never makes sense to suppress your employees’ potential. Instead, you can teach them skills that can help them in your dispensary or in their next position. Employees tend to appreciate this, and they are likely to work harder for you if they feel that you are empowering them.

3. Recognition

If someone in your dispensary is going the extra mile, be sure to let them know. You may even want to make a bit of a moment out of it. Consider awards. You can print out certificates or pick up trophies. Have fun with it.  If employees feels appreciated, they are far more likely to put forth their best effort. Even though they have the opportunity to work at a cannabis company, that is not always enough to keep spirits up. Make sure your employees know they are valued.

4. Empower Your Employees

Few micromanagers can handle as much as they think they can. Empower your employees by giving them responsibility and signaling that they are each an important member of the team. Let them know you are relying on them and they may want to work extra hard in order to avoid letting the team down. A collaborative atmosphere is important. If your inventory manager does not properly take stock, then your budtender’s job could become much harder when he or she is dealing with customers.

5. Communication

It may sound cliché, but that does not make it any less important and you may be surprised at how many managers fail to communicate clearly. Speak with your employees as much as you can, and face-to-face when possible. Make sure they know exactly what is expected and keep the door open both ways. If employees feel that they can approach their supervisor and discuss what is on their minds, it creates a much friendlier work environment.

6. Incentives

Not all incentives will cost you big dollars. And if you have a dispensary or cannabis company, chances are you have some cool samples or accessories lying around. Consider small items like glass pieces, containers, or grinders. Buying your employees lunch or giving them a day off if they’ve really gone the extra mile shows your appreciation as well!