5 Places to buy Merchandise Refrigerators for Edibles, Infused Beverages, and More…

ice refrigeration for cannabis dispensaries mg magazine
ice refrigeration for cannabis dispensaries mg magazine

Many of the products and items needed to run a cannabis dispensary are either hard to find or need to be customized for the industry. Thankfully, some industrial items that are easy to acquire can serve cannabis dispensaries perfectly. Merchandise refrigerators have been used by restaurants, convenience stores, and other businesses for decades. This is great news for dispensary operators who want to stock edibles and infused products that need to be kept at a cool temperature. Check out this list of retailers that offer merchandise refrigerators that you can buy right away.


Home Depot Premier Refrigerator mg Retailer
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Home Depot

Just about everyone lives close enough to a Home Depot, and even if you do not, they have a wide selection of products available for purchase online. While the home improvement superstore may typically be known for buying tools and building supplies, they also offer lots of appliances. The 9 cubic feet single door Premier merchandise refrigerator is perfect for keeping items chilled. It starts at about $650 with larger models going up in cost. You should be able to make your money many times over on edibles and drink sales with this.


emgr5 Everest counter top merchandise refrigerator mg Retailer
Photo courtesy of Restaurantsupply.com

Restaurant Supply

The same says everything you need to know about restaurantsupply.com. As you no doubt guessed, they offer just about anything restaurants need, including merchandise refrigerators. They stock tall stand-alone refrigerators but also offer counter top models, such as the Everest EMGR5, which are ideal for budtenders who do not want to or simply cannot walk away from the counter.


Hoshizaki CRMF27-GLP01 mg retailer
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Hoskizaki has been providing industrial restaurant and business equipment for a long time. They offer a wide range of products that are great for storing chilled products. However, a highlight is a line of under-the-counter freezers, which allows shops to keep chilled edibles and infused beverages on hand but under control and reduces the chance of customer theft.

Central Restaurant Refrigerator mg retailer
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Central Restaurant

Central Restaurant carries just about every type of refrigerator on the market. Their 69K-056 model is a three-door model and will allow you to stock a whole slew of products. It has self-closing doors and is made to be as energy efficient as possible. The doors also lock so you can help prevent theft. Central Restaurant includes a 3-year parts and labor warranty as well as a 5-year warranty on the compressor.


Dukers LG-430 merchandise refrigerator mg Retailer
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Your Amazon Prime membership is great for ordering a whole range of products. But did you know you can purchase your next edibles refrigerator from Amazon Prime? Amazon offers many options on Prime including the Dukers LG-430 featuring digital controls powered by LED lighting. It is easily portable and includes a 2-year parts and labor warranty in addition to a 5-year compressor warranty.