5 New THC-Infused Products We’re Digging for January

Screen Shot 2017 01 24 at 2.05.26 PM
Screen Shot 2017 01 24 at 2.05.26 PM

With all of the choices out there it can be difficult to keep up with new cannabis product releases. We can help. Check out five of our fave new THC-infused products for January:

THC Infused, Gron Chocolate, edibles, cannabis, THC Infused

1) Grön Chocolate 72% Cacao Dark

Serving the Oregon market since 2014 with bite-sized portions of chocolaty goodness, Grön also makes multi-serving 72% cacao bars in milk and dark chocolate variations that use fair trade chocolate and organic, locally produced ingredients whenever available. THC 9.9mg per serving/package. GronChocolate.com


Habit Sparkling Soda, Edibles, cannabis THC Infused2) Habit Sparkling Soda 100mg

Highly carbonated sparkling fruit drinks produced in small batches and infused with solvent-free distillate derived from organic cannabis. The high level of carbonation accelerates the movement of cannabinoids into the bloodstream, offering reported onset times up to 4x faster than solid edibles. Available in kiwi, lemonade, strawberry, and mango flavors. HabitCrafted.com

Bhand Spray, edibles, cannabis, THC Infused3) Bhang THC and CBD Mouth Spray

A smoke-free and discrete sublingual spray with a fresh mint flavor. Available as a THC spray (300mg per bottle; 2.5mg per spray; 0.24 fl. oz.) and as a CBD spray (150mg per bottle; 1.25mg per spray; 0.24 fl. oz., non-psychoactive). GotBhang.com


Willies Reserve Ready Rolls, prerolls, cannabis, THC Infused4) Willie’s Reserve Ready Rolls

Currently available only in Colorado and Washington State, Willie Nelson’s already iconic brand, Willie’s Reserve, also sells pre-rolls, called Ready Rolls. In two sizes: 1/2g, if you want a bit now and a taste later, and 1g, perfectly packed and prepped for travel. WilliesReserve.com


topanga harvest BlueberryMuffins, edibles, cannabis, THC Infused

5) Topanga Harvest Mini Muffins

Ideal for patients who require a higher dosage of medicine, Topanga Mini Muffins come in an array of flavors including blueberry, apple cinnamon, lemon cake, banana nut, and butterscotch. Each contains 35mg of THC. TopangaHarvest.org