5 Companies Offering Customizable Dispensary Menus

cannabis dispensary menus mg retailer
cannabis dispensary menus mg retailer

Printed menus may work well for a restaurant or other businesses where inventory and prices do not fluctuate regularly. However, for cannabis dispensaries, printed menus are not always feasible. Of course you can always break out the whiteboard and some markers, but if you are looking for something a bit more sophisticated, (and something that won’t smudge) then you may want to consider an electronic menu for your dispensary. Check out these 5 companies offering easily customizable digital menus for your dispensary.


Enlighten provides digital signs, menus, POS systems, interactive walls, and just about any other digital display possible for many industries. The company offers several cannabis products and provide customizable menus for dispensaries. The menus integrate with most cannabis POS systems and can be edited from mobile phones, laptops, and PCs. Enlighten signs can be customized to match your brand and can display unique videos and slideshows that can be added via Google Drive.



BudBytescan be synced with online menu hubs such as Wikileaf and Leafly. This means that you can update your menu online and the changes will quickly reflect on your in-store digital menu. BudBytes can be used on as many menus and signs as you need in your shop and all menus can easily be customized. BudBytes works with any modern screen.


As the name suggests, Insteo offers cannabis digital menus that can be updated instantly. Their cloud template allows for users to edit their menus on their web browser. With full customization, you can use these menus as an additional source for branding. Insteo costs $25 per month but they offer a free 30-day trial.


Cova has developed touchscreen software that is compatable with Apple Ipads as well as Android and Windows tablets. These menus can also be synced with Cova signage as well as dispensary POS apps. Customers can browse the menus themselves which can save time. Cova offers more than just prices strain names on a menu. All sorts of information can be included so customers can make choices based on the experience they are seeking rather than silly strain names.


Elemntal menus are 100 percent customizable and can be edited in real time. They are compatible with desktops, smartphones, and tablets. Elemntal also offers 4k and HD resolution so your menus will look beautiful. Advertising banners can be added offering your shop additional revenue opportunities.