5 Cannabis Products for Outdoor Enthusiasts

cannabis hiking products mg retailer
cannabis hiking products mg retailer

It’s getting hot out there. ‘Tis the season for hiking, biking, camping, glamping and just hanging. Stock up on these 5 items to help your customers enhance their outdoor adventures, whatever they may be.

Skunkbags mg RetailerSkunk Smell-Proof Bags


For those who love combining cannabis and hiking, a special bag may be in order. Skunk backpacks can store all the gear, water, and snacks hikers need, but they are designed with cannabis storage in mind and are 100-percent smell-proof. Remember, things are changing, but some of the other hikers on the trail could still offended at the potent aroma coming from your bag. SkunkBags.com


The dugout used to be a staple for cannabis connoisseurs. With no batteries to charge and a simple design, it’s easy to see why. Smokit has improved upon the classic design; the new take on the classic includes a grinder card and a silicon container for concentrates. It’s discreet and allows users to store everything they need. Smokits.com

Tesla Coil Lighters mg retailerTesla Wind-Resistant Lighters

You made it to the mountaintop and you want to celebrate. You pull out your lighter … and realize the top of a mountain is exposed to strong winds. It’s hard to light a joint or a bowl when the flame constantly goes out. A torch/wind-resistant lighter easily remedies the problem. Nikolai Tesla may have had bigger plans for his coils, but we’re reasonably sure he’d be happy to see his invention put to good use in Tesla coil lighters. TeslaCoilLighters.com

Incredibles wellness vapeVapes

Vapes offer convenience and a modern vibe. They’re also safer and easier to use in the outdoors: no danger of fire and no need to stop hiking to light up. Encourage your customers to keep their vapes charged and take a little extra oil, just in case. ILoveIncredibles.com

Evergreen organix THC sunscreen mg retailerTHC Sunscreen

Sunscreen is essential for any outdoor activity, but saving one’s skin needn’t be boring. In addition to a buzz provided by 100mg of THC per bottle, Evergreen Organix’s paraben-free SPF + THC claims anti-aging properties. EvergreenOrganix.com