4 Handheld Vapes That are Perfect for Tech-Savvy Consumers

20160803 lola pax 924
20160803 lola pax 924

As flower sales continue to drop, consumers really seem to be taking to more discreet ways of using cannabis. Vaporizers, especially of the handheld portable variety, seem to be everywhere. But as consumers are inundated with what feels like identical vape pens, some may be clamoring for something a bit more sophisticated. Check out these four handheld vaporizers that your tech-savvy customers will love.

Pax Vapor mg Retailer
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Pax is one of the most recognizable vaporizers in the cannabis industry. Pax offers several products that can all be synced with their iOs and Android app. Users can set temperature preferences to find their ideal combustion point. For fans of cannabis flower, the PAX 3 even lets users vape dry herb. This device is sleek, discreet, and looks more like a cutting-edge gadget than a typical vape.


Firefly 2 vaporizer mg Retailer
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Firefly brings a Silicon Valley approach to its product line. Mark Williams, Firefly’s co-founder, was a design manager for Apple and worked on the user interface for the OSX interface. This device only heats when the user pulls so there is no extra incineration and product is never wasted. The Firefly is ready for use in as little as three seconds and will heat at any temperature between 200 and 500 degrees. This is the widest temperature range for any portable vaporizer.



Puffco Peak vaporizer mg Retailer
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Puffco was formed in 2013 and is based out of Brooklyn. They provide several products, including The Peak, a smart vape rig that sheds the conventional look of most vaporizers. It is slightly bigger than most pens and envokes a bit of a traditional glass bong look and is even made with hand blown glass. But, otherwise, there is not much traditional about this vape. The Peak has intelligent temperature settings, a 20-second heat up time, and water filtration. It charges in 20 hours and provides users with 30 dabs on average per charge.


Kandy Pens Miva 2 mg Retailer
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A lot has been going right for KandyPens. Besides having Amber Rose as an ambassador, KandyPens also has what may be the largest product line of vaporizers. The Miva 2 can vape both flower and concentrates and is made from ceramic. It has a bright OLED display and will recall the last temperature setting used, so you don’t have to keep programming it. It also has a great safety feature shuts off after 5 minutes of non-use, for both safety purposes and to avoid battery drain. The Miva 2 also comes with a lifetime warranty.