4 Top Universities Offering Courses on Cannabis

colleges offering cannabis courses mg retailer
colleges offering cannabis courses mg retailer

Cannabis consumers are becoming increasingly aware of what they are putting into their bodies. This is increasing demand for educated budtenders, dispensary staff, growers, and medical providers to answer their questions. For operators looking to have their staff brush up on the latest cannabis knowledge or to look for the programs that will produce the best job applicants, check out our list of top accredited universities offering serious cannabis courses.

University of Washington


The University of Washington (UW) is considered to be one of the world’s leading research universities. Now, through its Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute, UW has developed a training program for health professionals looking to learn about medicinal cannabis. The program consists of two modules. The first focuses on the medicinal uses of cannabis and Washington state law. The second module takes an in-depth look at how medicinal cannabis is recommended. This program places a specific emphasis on how health care workers should address cannabis use for chronic pain with patients.


Ohio State University

Ohio State’s MoritzCollege of Law is routinely ranked as one of the best laws schools in the United States. Students enrolled at the Mortiz College of Law have the option of taking two cannabis specific courses. “Marijuana Law, Policy & Reform” examines the War on Drugs and how marijuana laws may raise constitutional and legal issues. “Cannabiz: Exploring the Legalization of Marijuana” analyzes the risks business owners and entrepreneurs undertake when entering the cannabis industry. A third course, “Drug Crimes” is not cannabis specific but does cover President Nixon’s efforts to declare drug abuse as “public enemy number one in America.”


The University of Vermont

The University of Vermont (UVM) is almost as old as the United States and was founded back in 1791. Its College of Medicine is considered among the best in the country and this is great news for the cannabis industry. Under the College of Medicine’s umbrella is their “Cannabis Science and Medicine” certificate program.  UVM claims to be the first medical school in the country to offer a professional certificate program in cannabis medicine. This well-rounded program covers cannabis history, business law and policy, plant biology, production, safety, pharmacology, clinical research, and biological effects on the body.


UC Davis

Many have referred to UC Davis as a “Public Ivy” and last year the U.S. News & World Report ranked UC Davis among the 10 best public universities in the United States. UC Davis is known for many areas of study but may be most recognized for its science and agricultural programs. In Spring of 2017, UC Davis began offering an undergraduate course on “Physiology of Cannabis.” The course aims to educate students on the impact cannabis has on the body and examines the endocannabinoid system. The course is intended for students enrolled in the university’s biology program.