4 Companies Offering Automated Product Kiosks for Your Cannabis Dispensary

While no one wants to eliminate jobs or take the human touch out of customer service, sometimes a little automated help can go a long way. Ever want an extra set of hands during your dispensary’s busiest hours but aren’t sure you can swing covering another full-time salary? There are not many employees that will want to take on one- or two-hour shifts, so a thrifty option is tough to come by. However, product kiosks may offer an ideal solution. These machines can help dispense products and educational information while keeping the rest of your staff free to serve other customers and patients.

Greenbox Robotics


Greenbox Robotics makes product kiosks with the cannabis industry specifically in mind. They offer two machines, their traditional THC infused product dispenser as well as a CBD machine. Greenbox is more than a simple vending machine. It has smart technology and will build a profile for customers, meaning it will tailor an experience and recognize buyer preferences for return customers.

Greenbox Robotics

GreenSTOPkiosk mg retailer
Photo courtesy of Greenstop.US


Greenstop has created their Smart Dispensary, a kiosk that can function as a cannabis shop on its own. It includes 4 self-service POS screens so customer lines will flow. Many dispensaries do not even have four budtenders working at the same time. The Smart Dispensary is also synced with a mobile app so customers can submit their orders in advance and pick them up conveniently.


Grasshopper Kiosk mg RetailerGrasshopper

Grasshopper’s kiosk offers most of the same benefits as other cannabis kiosks but also has some unique features. They are refrigerated making edibles that need to be stored in a cool climate an option. They also have a 32″display on top that serves as both a branding opportunity for shops or even as a way to generate advertisement revenue.


Frankmayer cannabis Kiosk mg retailerFrank Mayer and Associates

Frank Mayer and Associates have produced a self-serve cannabis kiosk that was designed to help shops generate additional revenue and keep budtenders free to help other customers who may require personalized attention. This machine also helps attract customers who may not be seeking a face to face interaction. It can be synced with loyalty programs so customers will not lose out on any earned benefits.

Frank Mayer and Associates