4 Cannabis Auto Packagers That can Save you Time and Money

cannabis auto baggers mg Retailer
cannabis auto baggers mg Retailer

Operating a cannabis dispensary is serious work, requiring quite a bit of flexibility and long hours on the part of a manager. Because of this, it can be difficult and even tiring to keep an eye on your employees bagging flower. And really, even if you don’t mind watching something so mundane, wouldn’t your time be better spent elsewhere? Maybe you have not gotten around to those new marketing strategies, or maybe, you really want to actually take a lunch break. People are important, but maybe they are better served helping out on your showroom floor than playing a behind the scenes role. If you want to let a machine do a machine’s job, then you’ll want to check out these 4 automated packagers.

Action Pac Micro 420 Pro


The MICRO420 shown below can package a bag or bottle of cannabis flower every 2 seconds with an accuracy of 0.05g. It also works with packaging edibles and powders. It includes a Windows-based touch screen making intuitive and easy to use. The Action Pac Micro 420 Pro can also provide labels and tracking codes onto bags or bottles.


Canapa Container and Bag Fillers

Canapa offers cannabis packaging machines for entry-level applications, midrange, and high-speed production rates. Canapa fillers are made of stainless steel frame for longevity and convenient cleaning and also inlcude adjustable guide rails for quick product change over. Additionally, they offer AC variable speed drive and precise sensors for container positioning.


AllFill Cannabis Fillers

AllFill was founded in 1969 and has been serving many industries over the decades. They now offer cannabis specific solutions. Their Vibratory, Alpha, and Avatar filling machines. These components can be used together to form the perfect auto-filling system ensuring products are packaged quickly and accurately. AllFill offers a variety of filling methods and can help customized machines to the specific needs of customers.


Honor Pack Automatic Zipper Pouch Packaging Machine

Honor Pack’s Automatic Zipper Pouch Packaging Machine is ideal for dispensaries and grow operations. Its vacuum produces little noise and is pollution free. This machine also includes a 10” PLC touch screen with a graphic interface and an automatic lubricating system.