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Wick & Mortar was founded on the belief that successful brands solve problems. As the longest-running cannabis branding agency in the world, we have witnessed the transformative power this compelling product can have on businesses and consumers alike, and it’s our mission to elevate the industry on a global level.

Until recent years, marijuana was an underground commodity, hidden from the world to avoid social stigma or even legal action. As medical marijuana paved the way for recreational legalization, our founder, Jared Mirsky, spotted a problem that needed to be solved: legalization was only the first step toward legitimizing cannabis. Successful, compelling branding is the next step, because brands are the part of the industry that consumers bring home with them, that they share with friends, that they integrate into their lives. We have a vital role to play in establishing marijuana as a safe, beneficial, and fun product that can be openly and unabashedly enjoyed, the way a consumer savors wine or coffee.


As branding experts, Wick & Mortar works to craft, create, and cultivate brands that celebrate our clients’ needs and values while positioning their product lines for mainstream success.

We are driven by tireless passion for cannabis and its many benefits. What this means for our clients is that they can trust us. No other agency in this emerging industry can offer our level of expertise, experience, or enthusiasm for all phases of the process. We not only know how to navigate the complex challenges of starting and maintaining a cannabis business; we are also part of a network of visionaries responsible for shaping the future of legal marijuana. We go beyond eye-catching design and brand personality to equip our clients with the vision and relationships they will need to adapt to the ever-changing nature of this business.

With 95% of our clients achieving a positive return on their investment within six months of launch, we are setting the standard for success in the cannabis industry. Our most imaginative concepts lead to our clients’ greatest gains.

We have spent ten years honing our expertise. We know what it takes to build and tend to a loyal consumer following. The brands we launch are sophisticated and straightforward, but also spirited and fun. We tap into what makes each client special, artfully crafting a brand expression that draws in the right consumers.

Everything we do at Wick & Mortar is rooted in our genuine desire to see the cannabis industry flourish. While others are tackling near-term growth in regional markets, we think on a global scale. All eyes are on our work, and we have an unprecedented opportunity to influence the world’s perception of the plant and of the people who use it. As the cannabis industry evolves and takes root, Wick & Mortar will be at the forefront, launching brands that elevate the conversation and inspire the respect and love that we weave into all of our work.  That isn’t just what we do, but who we are.


  1. Branding – Naming | Logo Design | Label/Packaging Design | Story Telling | Graphic Design | Video & Photography | Mobile Apps | Web Design | Advertising & Marketing
  1. Strategy – Brand | Interactive | Consulting | SEO/SEM/SMM | Research | Data Analysis | Market Analysis
  1. Advertising / Marketing – Advertising (TV, Print, Interactive, Radio) | Promotional Campaigns | Integrated Campaigns | Stunt | Community Management | Online Advertising | Social Media Marketing | Search Engine Optimization
  1. Relationships – Cannabis Ad Networks | Cannabis Related / Friendly Publications | Packaging & Printing | PR Opportunities | Consulting Services | Product Distribution | Legal Counsel | Celebrity Endorsements
  1. Packaging Design / Development – Package Design | Label Design | POS Display Creation | Box Layout Design | Digital Prototyping | 3D Printing | 3D Scanning
  1. Production Product / Lifestyle Photography | Architectural Photography | 360 Product Photography | Event Photography | Post Production | Music & Sound Design | Events | Virtual Tours | 2D/3D Animation

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