Influencer Trippy Treez Is Elevating the Industry, One Follower at a Time

The Bottom Line: Model and former accountant Trippy Treez has amassed an audience of almost 300,000 on Instagram and YouTube. “I wanted to elevate the lifestyle and take away the negative stigma of smoking weed,” she says.

How did your career change come about?


I had a really great corporate job, and I was also doing trim work on the side. I would post photos as I was doing that. It was very illegal at the time. Everyone around me was like, “Congrats. Have fun in jail.” One of the biggest brands at the time was Spliffin, and they brought me in after I did just one post about their vape pen. That’s where I learned how to run a business in the cannabis industry the right way.

“I stopped counting after 300 [brands I’ve worked with].” –Trippy Treez
How do you help brands?

It could be anything, from working internally or at their booth to creating a post of their product or helping sell it. Sometimes I’ll do consulting, too. A client might say, “Hey, check out my Instagram. Help me out.” And I’ll tell them what they need to do. It’s kind of like brand polish.

What’s a big challenge?

I’m young. I’m a woman. So, people try to take advantage of me a lot of times from a business standpoint, like being on a panel or in a business meeting with multiple men that are twice your age trying to tell you what to do and how much they want to pay you. You have to stand up against them.

What’s a bigger challenge?

As far as influencer brand marketing, the biggest thing would just be the platforms we’re trying to advertise on. We don’t have any access to Google Ads or Google in general or Facebook, really. So, we’re limited to barely even Instagram or YouTube. Even then, we’re still getting deleted. We can’t do TV ads, so we’re just trying to figure it out and not get shut down at the end of the day, financially and physically.