Mr. Moxey’s Mints (the Power of a Brand): the Medium Is the Message

mr. moxeys mints
Image courtesy of Mr. Moxey's

(Mr. Moxley’s Mints is one of the companies featured in The Power of a Brand: Lessons From 20 Top Cannabis Companies, in the June issue of mg Magazine.)

Mr. Moxey’s Mints was among the trailblazers in the micro-dosing movement. When the company debuted its tiny medibles in 2015, the idea was to provide a “portable, discreet, and well-dosed” product—a new concept at the time. “This product broke the mold on what people had come to expect from cannabis edibles,” said co-founder Tim Moxey.


Today, the mints are easily among the most identifiable products on dispensary shelves, thanks to clever branding moves. To provide a reference point, Moxey packaged the mints in colorful, Altoids-like tins—which checked the boxes for portable and discreet. The logo design and font choices give a vaguely pharmacy-like impression, and the product description, “herbal pastilles,” harkens to days gone by. Moxey said all those elements were carefully engineered to make consumers feel as though they’re dealing with an old friend…who just happens to embrace a new medical dynamic.

Mr. Moxey’s is one of the few cases where the branding effort focused almost exclusively on product packaging, but the tactic has worked. “Existing customers come into a store and point to the product they want, and new customers see a product that looks like it could be on the shelf of a natural grocer and want to learn more,” Moxey said.