Meet Mother Indica, Nutritionist, Cannabis Coach and Social Media Manager

What started as an anonymous blog on which Erin Willis discussed using cannabis to heal from postpartum depression turned into, a proud platform for education, inspiration, and storytelling. Willis now works as a writer, educator, and social media manager for Onda Wellness.

How did you become a cannabis coach?


I’m a nutritionist. That’s what I trained for. All I’m doing now is adding my knowledge of cannabis to the nutritional side of counseling and coaching. [Trying cannabis] is kind of a scary thing, and if it goes wrong the first time, unfortunately, a lot of people who could really benefit from it are turned off. That’s the coaching aspect—just helping people kind of cross that threshold.

“I think I comfort the mothers, but I inspire young women.”

—Mother Indica

What question are you most often asked?

What I’m finding with all my clients is the number one thing they need is permission; that it’s okay [to use cannabis]. I always thought it would be like the particular strain and the method and all the nitty-gritty, but really it’s “Oh, okay, I can do this? Thank you.” All they need is the permission to let go and enjoy, and then everything else falls off. The anxiety goes away. The insomnia goes away. They lose weight without even realizing it.


Is there a story behind  the name Mother Indica?

Mother Jones really inspired me, and then also Mother Goose. The children’s storybook is one of my favorites that I read to my son, and that I grew up on as well. And then Indica, that’s me showing my psychedelic side. You have the subspecies Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica. When those were nomenclatured, Cannabis indica actually was the one high in THC. 

Do you have any social media advice for brands?

I try to be as creative, free-flow, and honest as possible. You know, social media is so new for humans. It’s like, “What is this thing that’s been created?” It’s insane. So, when you’re able to cut the bull crap and truly speak authentically, people catch on to that. There’s also imagery. Onda’s co-founder is a great photographer, so that helps me with the story branding. My advice: Create and craft a story to make [your brand] accessible to the potential customer.

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