Lucid Mood (the Power of a Brand): Changing the Conversation

Lucid Mood cannabis brand mg magazine

(Lucid Mood is one of the companies featured in The Power of a Brand: Lessons From 20 Top Cannabis Companies, in the June issue of mg Magazine.)

Lucid Mood‘s name gets straight to the point: This is a brand designed for effect without the haziness.


Though the company has nothing against wax and shatter, the founders thought surely the market had room for adults with errands to run. They set out to fill that space with products that “elevate your mood without clouding your mind.” First on the to-do list: Create a clean, sophisticated public image that embodies the antithesis of the “stoner” stereotype. Lucid Mood’s sleek vaporizers, organized by effect, are called “sippers.” The website and social media channels bear beautiful, painterly images of people enjoying themselves in everyday ways. The message is clear: Cannabis can play a role in your life without becoming your life.

“LucidMood is shaping the evolution of cannabis,” National Sales Manager Melissa Leffingwell said. “We are transforming the stigma of the old thoughts of marijuana into a sophisticated cannabis experience.”

“LucidMood would like users to feel inclusion—that there are products available that appeal to every level of Cannabis user,” Leffingwell said. “We have created six distinct and very precise moods that will allow both new and curious users as well as the most experienced consumer to home in on the right mood for the right moment.”