How Madison Ortiz (aka HappyTokes) Built a Supportive Tribe on Instagram

Happy Tokes
Happy Tokes

Madison Ortiz, known on social media as @HappyTokes, has almost 75,000 followers on Instagram (where her bio proudly states “Under the Influence; Over the Stereotype”) and is community manager for CannaSmack.

Describe the community you’ve built on Instagram.


@HappyTokesTribe is technically anyone who supports me and one another but also is a curated community in which all loving souls are welcome. Though differing viewpoints are encouraged if they’re expressed respectfully for the sake of discussion and insight, I quickly decline troll-like or hateful interactions by blocking those accounts. I’m proud to have created a safe place on social media where people are comfortable sharing personal details.

Cannabis influencer Madison Ortiz, aka HappyTokes, photo on an iPhoneWhat will people find in your community?

Acceptance, support, authentic comments, physical snail-mail (“HappyMail”) sent to spark joy in another’s life, livestreams that remind us in-person interactions are possible, road trips across the country to see each other in person, and a community that rallies to support those who are brave enough to publicly share their struggles.

With what types of brands do you prefer to work?

I admire brands that are conscious about sourcing, production, practices, and making the world a better place.Through my travels, I have met the people behind the majority of brands I promote. I support them because I’ve learned their stories, believe in their products, and feel a bond to their spirits. It is incredibly exciting for me to watch everyone around me grow and succeed.


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Pssst… 👁 Marly @tweedledoob just shared a new YouTube video with a 13 min un-cut sesh we had at @werkoutfestival. 😙💨 . . 😎 The video is super chill, “fly on the wall” style. 🎶 Listen to @coryjwong playing live while @tweedledoob rolls up some @dogmantroop 🌻 & I share some sips off my @puffco peak with a new friend (off camera). 😆 Skip to 8 min to hear me nerd out about about the endocannabinoid system. . . 😄✏️ Do you have a “cannabis elevator speech”, like the one captured in @tweedledoob’s YouTube video? 👂🏻 If you talk about cannabis with strangers often, it surely shifts & evolves, but I’m curious to learn about ways YOU present cannabis information to new friends. 🌈 Sharing can also help others feel more confident in navigating this type of dialogue with strangers! . . 🤔 What’s an “elevator speech”? In college, I was taught about practicing a 30 second explanation of who you are & how you could benefit a company; brief enough to be told in an elevator. 🧠 I applied this general strategy to cannabis dialogue, allowing me to feel prepared to navigate a short but detailed educational explanation. 💕 I genuinely, naturally bust out a variation of one of these ‘cannabis elevator speeches’ all the time; in any opportunity that feels *authentic* and *SAFE*. ✅ Sesh ✅ Uber driver ✅ Someone else’s parent ✅ Kindly swerve a flirty advance with a knowledge bomb. 🤪 Etc. . . 🤯 Even with just moments of someone’s time, you have the power to blow their mind 💡 AND charge them with your passion, which will hopefully encourage them to do research & pursue better understanding of whatever you spoke with them about. 💓 . . 💜 So grateful to have had such a wonderful companion for this @werkoutfestival adventure. ⚡️ @tweedledoob ! ⭐️ Big thanks to the lovely ladies with @ideaison who took such wonderful care of us. 💐

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