Défoncé Chocolatier (the Power of a Brand): Lap of Luxury

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(Défoncé is one of the companies that appears in The Power of a Brand: Lessons From 20 Top Cannabis Companies, in the June issue of mg Magazine.)

Défoncé exists to elevate and delight, from the taste of our chocolate to the way we make it and the extra care we give to our partners,” said Southern California Regional Manager KeiLani Yanagihara. The upscale brand set about defining itself in a very deliberate way, taking cues from gourmet brands in the mainstream luxury market and attending to detail in both product and packaging. “We focus on stimulating the senses through our rich and varied taste and smell, the look and feel of our packaging and form-factor, and then the after-effect of consumption,” Yanagihara said.


The company revels in creating the kind of joy indulgence brings, celebrating chocolate as a decadent gift of the gods. Défoncé edibles are designed to be “revealed,” almost as though undressing a lover: gently open the package, visually caress the product, inhale the delicious aroma, and then linger over the taste. Each step of the experience is designed to surprise and pleasure.

The company also caters to high-end expectations, boldly promoting its ingredients as elegant and destined for those who want only the best. Défoncé sources its chocolate from gourmet suppliers TCHO and Guittard Chocolate Company, and the bars include upscale ingredients including vanilla beans, matcha, and hazelnuts. According to Yanagihara, the only essence customers won’t perceive is cannabis. “Défoncé is all about creating the finest chocolate in the world that happens to have cannabis as an ingredient,” she said.