Cannabis Influencer Kitty Kitty Bang Bang Shares Her Top Tips


Kitty Kitty Bang Bang (@bangkittybang) is a cannabis influencer, advocate, entertainer, model, photographer, and stylist. Her background in performance and musical theater is evident in the pinup-style glamour shots for which she’s famous on Instagram, where she has more than 30,000 followers and works with numerous established and up-and-coming brands.

Here, she shares her advice for brands striving to thrive on social media platforms:


Constant engagement is key. Consistency increases your visibility and has positive effects on the platform’s algorithm as well as your overall exposure. Posting daily is a must! Staying active through engaging (commenting, liking, responding) with other like-minded accounts, brands and creatives is beneficial. Strong and professional looking content is valuable, as is catering your content to your projected audience. Following a theme, color scheme, or page layout is not only fun but also a quick and creative way for your audience to get to know you and assess the aesthetic of your brand. I personally have a colorful, vibrant and playful personality and style, which is translated in my content.


Keep in mind you have less than 10 seconds to catch the eye of the viewer as they scroll through their feed. Folks often to fail to even read the written captions these days, which increases the importance of the nature and visual draw of your content. People desire to feel connected, even if it’s through the internet. Being authentic, transparent, and allowing your core business values and personality to shine is often the best way to receive genuine support and interactions.

Another way to increase engagement is to keep up with the trends. Social media loves trends. By producing trendy material, you increase your chances of getting discovered through popular hashtags and your opportunities for other accounts to repost your content. Speaking of hashtags, don’t opt out of this crucial tool! Hashtags have the power of allowing your content to be discovered by potential customers, similar businesses, and “repost” pages. It’s beneficial to include a combination of popular hashtags mixed with hashtags specific to your brand and business. Making up your own personalized hashtag is a great way for you and others to easily find any and all posts mentioning that tag.

Instagram stories should not be underestimated when considering vital ways of increasing engagement. Stories are a fun way for people to have more access to your brand. I personally use the stories to highlight details of products and events. Stories are a great resource for sharing direct links to sales, surveying your followers, or providing a closer, real-time look at the “behind the scenes” process of your business, all of which increase interaction and familiarity with your brand.