4 Companies That can Help you Extract Higher Profits

Colorado extraction systems mg retailer
Colorado extraction systems mg retailer
Flower may still be a big seller but cannabis consumers have been quickly shifting toward non-smokeable products over the past few years. This makes extraction essential for producers who want to profit and stay up with current trends. Extractions, or concentrates, are used in a wide range of products including vape oils, edibles, tinctures, and more. However, this process can be delicate and even potentially dangerous. Check out our list of companies offering equipment that can help you extract maximum profits in a safe way.
precision extraction mg retailer
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Precision Extraction Solutions

Precision has been in the extraction game for a while now. They offer a wide range of extraction options that can yield between 100lbs and 10,000lbs of product per day. Precision equipment has received more awards than any other company in the industry. According to the Precision, their extractions systems are 900% more efficient than comparable C02 machines and cost half as much.
Colorado extraction systems mg retailer
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Colorado Extraction Systems

Colorado Extraction Systems utilizes a chilled alcohol system in their extraction process. Their SprayVap is a continuous, closed loop liquid-liquid phase separation system that ideal for customers seeking high output while incurring minimal need for maintenance and labor. In fact, the SprayVap can convert between 20lbs to 100lbs of flower to oil per hour.
Across international vacuum oven mg retailer
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Across International

 Across International has been making industrial lab equipment for a long time. They are now servicing the cannabis industry and their vacuum ovens are an efficient way to purge solvents such as butane hash oil. Their Elite line includes 5-sided jacket heating and up to 7 shelves to maximize output.
polyscience extraction chiller mg retailer
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Poly Sciences

 Poly Sciences has been in operation for over 50 years. Thankfully, they have taken their decades of experienced and now offer products and services for the cannabis industry. Their extraction chillers include large and easy to read LED displays. Poly Sciences focuses on providing the best temperature control in order to produce the purest extracts.