counterfeit goods mg magazine

As Counterfeits Increase, the Industry Scrambles to Knock Off the Knockoffs

It’s bold, brazen, and illegal. Cannabis counterfeiting is popping up at industry trade shows. Understandably, brands are livid, so they, and some states, are...
Mile High Labs Facility mg magazine cannabis news

Mile High Labs Opens New Mega CBD Production Facility

BROOMFIELD, Colo. – A new all-in-one CBD production facility has just opened its doors. Mile High Labs’ 400,000 square...
cannabis distillate

Navigating the Cannabis Distillate Market Now and in the Future

Although cannabis flower remains a dominant form factor, current consumption trends in legalized markets show concentrates and oils are the underlying future of the...
Dixie AZ

BREAKING: Dixie, Arizona Iced Tea Collaborating on THC Line

DENVER – Dixie Brands and AriZona Beverages, maker of AriZona Iced Tea, have partnered for an AriZona-branded line of THC-infused gummies, vaporizers, and beverages....
CCELL factory 003 web mg magazine

CCELL: Blending Science With Efficiency

Presentation. Performance. Portability. Price. Those four factors drive the vaporizer market, and manufacturer CCELL strives to meet them all. An independent operating unit of Shenzhen...
Vape Open ss composite web mg magazine

The Future of Vape: Can One Size Fit All for the Ideal Vaping Experience?

As has been widely reported, sales of cannabis concentrates are hot and only getting hotter. Late last year, cannabis market intelligence firms BDS Analytics...
Colorado extraction systems mg retailer

4 Companies That can Help you Extract Higher Profits

Flower may still be a big seller but cannabis consumers have been quickly shifting toward non-smokeable products over the past few years. This makes extraction...
happy elder 797669914 web mg magazine

Marijuana Is Legal! And With Legality Comes Great Responsibility

As you’ve likely realized, marijuana is legal! (For most Americans, at least.) California is beginning to settle into its first set of regulations, and...
Lunchbox Alchemy Staying busy in the Lunchbox Lab web MGmagazine

Lunchbox Alchemy: ‘Crafting a Global Cannabis Culture’

By refining its own extracts, the edibles manufacturer hopes to refine the market, too. Although known for crafting edibles, Oregon’s Lunchbox Alchemy defines itself more...
Roger Volodarsky mg Magazine

Puffco’s Roger Volodarsky: Scaling the Peak

With his big beard and stoic countenance, Roger Volodarsky has the air of an educated Russian revolutionary. At 35, he’s also young (i.e., tech-smart)...