Police Shut Down Multiple Marijuana Dispensaries in Denver

shutterstock 536219983
shutterstock 536219983

In a shocking development, 26 marijuana licenses have been revoked and arrests for dispensary employees have been made all around Denver.

Police on Thursday have shuttered several marijuana shops and arrested individuals at several licensed marijuana businesses in the Denver and Aurora area.

The investigation is ongoing and police have been relatively quiet about the details so far.


“It’s ongoing, and we still have work to do at this point,” Doug Schepman, Denver Police spokesman said, according to The Cannabist.

Schepman did confirm multiple law enforcement agencies were involved in the operation.

Below are the locations of the storefronts that were shut down by police:

1475 S. Acoma St. – Denver
2647 W. 38th Ave. – Denver
5100 W. 38th Ave. – Denver
4400 E. Evans Ave. – Denver
2609 Walnut St – Denver
4125 N. Elati St. – Denver
7200 E. Smith St. – Denver
15200 E. 6th Ave. -Aurora

Both the city and county of Denver have posted notices on the doors of Sweet Leaf businesses.

“Reasonable grounds and probable cause exists to believe that respondents have engaged in deliberate and willful violations of state and local laws or regulations, and/or that the public health, safety and welfare requires emergency action,” the notices read.

In total, 26 licenses for have been suspended for nine businesses operating under the Sweet Leaf name. These include licenses for retail, medical, and cultivation operation.

A call to Sweet Leaf’s 5100 West 38th Ave. location in Denver went to voicemail. So far, no one from Sweet Leaf has responded to mg‘s inquiries.

Initially, it was unknown why police targeted the shops. But later reports indicated police claim Sweet Leaf was selling more than the legal per-person per-day limit for a marijuana dispensary.

This story was updated to reflect the locations of the shops that were shut down and to further elaborate on why law enforcement targeted the businesses.