Los Angeles Files Charges on 149 in Unlicensed Cannabis Dispensary Crackdown

City Attorney Mike Feuer mg magazine
City Attorney Mike Feuer mg magazine

LOS ANGELES –Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer yesterday announced that his office had filed criminal charges against 149 individuals, in relation to 37 prosecutions involving 33 commercial cannabis locations and two delivery services.

The crackdown on unlicensed marijuana businesses started in January, when the city of Los Angeles began the process of issuing licenses to cannabis businesses, after recreational marijuana sales became legal on January 1. Since then, 147 city vendor licenses have been issued, but officials estimate more than double that amount of storefront dispensaries could be operating in L.A.


“Businesses that flout the City’s new cannabis law will be held accountable,” said Feuer said in a statement. “I urge all property owners and marijuana businesses to follow the law and work with my office and the City’s Department of Cannabis Regulation to avoid facing serious criminal consequences.”

“The LAPD is committed to ensuring that all facilities engaging in the commercial sale of marijuana comply with the law and we will be diligent in our effort to maintain safe and healthy communities,” added LAPD Chief Charlie Beck, who will retire in June.

According to the statement, defendants face misdemeanor charges with a maximum penalty of six months in jail and $1,000.

Feuer also said that his office will continue to issue cease and desist letters for unlicensed cannabis businesses that do not have required temporary approval from the city.

For a full list of affected business addresses, click here.