Greece Closer to Allowing Medical Cannabis Use

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According to media reports, the Greek parliament within weeks is set to approve legislation that would allow use of medical cannabis, opening the door for medical research and development. Importation of cannabis products has already been approved by Greece.

“In a few weeks’ time, an amendment will be brought to parliament to define the legislative framework for the cultivation and manufacturing of pharmaceutical products based on medical cannabis, which will open the way for Greek and foreign investments,” a deputy agricultural minister told French news agency AFP.


The deputy minister added that the medical cannabis industry could bring up to $2.4 billion (USD) to the economy of Greece. The news coincided with Greece’s first cannabis trade show, the Athens Cannabis Expo. Show sponsors included Kannevia, Advanced Hydroponics of Holland, Enecta, and Cann Cure Collective, among others. Medical news blog Medical Express reported that more than 100 local and international businesses attended the expo.

Greece joins Israel, Canada, some European countries and others across the globe in allowing government-sanctioned academic and clinical research of medical cannabis. Due to federal Schedule 1 designation of cannabis in the United States, medical cannabis research has lagged behind other countries and is still strictly prohibited.