Canada Expected to Announce Marijuana Legalization

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New reports indicate that officials in Canada plan to introduce a plan to legalize marijuana on April 10.

In October of 2015, Justin Trudeau and Canada’s Liberal Party shocked the world with huge election victories. While campaigning to be the Canadian prime minister, Trudeau assured voters that he was intent on legalizing recreational marijuana.

Last year, Trudeau announced that the details of a new plan for legalized marijuana would be unveiled this spring. CBC is reporting that the new marijuana laws will be announced on April 10.


After the election, Trudeau put together a task force to examine key regulations for the new marijuana program. In December, the task released their recommendations.

The report recommended that adults 18 and over should be eligible to purchase marijuana. Individuals should also be permitted to possess up to 30 grams of marijuana. The task force suggested a limit of 4 plants per person. Based on reports by CBC and other news outlets, it seems that many of task force recommendations will be implemented.

Individual provinces will be able to raise the legal age of purchase to 19 if they wish, the age at which Canadians can legally purchase tobacco products. Like tobacco, advertising restrictions will also be implemented on marijuana. Local governments will have the ability to set the price of marijuana as well as determining how it can be sold.

Regulation could be welcomed in Canada. There has been a rise in marijuana storefront robberies and police raids. Earlier this month, police arrested Marc and Jodie Emery, owners of Cannabis Culture magazine.

Fortune reported that marijuana stocks soared after the news in Canada.