California Agencies Release Comprehensive Draft Medical Cannabis Regulations

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shutterstock 464945864

A 45-day comment period for members of the public and industry to comment on the proposed regs also started today.

SACRAMENTO – In as coordinated a state action as one will see, three state agencies tasked with establishing comprehensive regulations for the state’s cannabis industry—the California Departments of Food and Agriculture, Consumer Affairs, and Public Health—today released a combined 144 pages of draft regulations covering virtually every aspect of commercial medical cannabis activity. A 45-day comment period also kicked-off today, during which the public is invited to comment on the drafts by fax or snail mail, or in person.

Don Duncan, California Director for Americans for Safe Access, sent out the following notification today regarding the issuance of the draft regulations and the start of the initial comment period.


Three state agencies released draft regulations for commercial medical cannabis activity in California today. The public has 45 days to comment on the draft regulations in public hearings and in writing. After the 45-day comment period, each agency will consider revisions to the regulations before publishing final versions. If the agencies make substantial changes after public comments, the revised version will go back to public comment again.

ASA urges patients and other stakeholders to read and consider these regulations carefully. They will affect patients and industry for years to come. Follow the instructions in the links below to send your own comments on the regulations. Remember that you are most effective when your comments are accurate, brief, and courteous. Be sure to offer solutions along with objections, whenever possible.

ASA will publish comments for our members and the agencies after studying the drafts.

California Department of Food and Agriculture – Draft Regulations for Cultivation

California Department of Consumer Affairs – Draft Regulations for Distribution, Testing, and Dispensing

California Department of Public Health – Draft Regulations on Manufacturing

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