Kip Morrison and Associates: Profile

Kim Morrision

Kip Morrison and Associates is a Beverly Hills-based PR agency with over thirty years of experience in the game. Kip Morrison leads with gusto as KMA President. She leaves no stone unturned in pinpointing relevant opportunities for her clients. Her impressive track record has earned her the title of Marijuana Marketing Maven.

Pioneer Cannabis Representation
KMA took on cannabis brands three years ago, and to this day provides superb representation to high-end cannabis brands. With unparalleled expertise, KMA successfully delivers measurable results to great clients: Venice Cookie Company Edibles, Mondo Meds, and Henry’s Original Prerolls to name a few.


Stellar Brand Development
KMA gets top-tier media coverage in mainstream publications such as Forbes and Vogue. KMA knows the power of telling a brand’s unique story. With meticulous attention to detail, KMA crafts a marketing approach specifically tailored to each client’s needs.

In Good Company
The dynamic and creative members of the KMA team specialize in showcasing premium products and luxury lifestyle brands. Startups, entrepreneurial personalities, and well-established brands are all in good company with KMA Cannabis. To learn more about KMA, visit their website: