Optimizing These Two Factors Ensures Superior Cannabis Growth

Water Plant Soil SS 1055097341 C mg magazine
Water Plant Soil SS 1055097341 C mg magazine

When it comes to growing cannabis, every controllable element should be optimized to ensure the best results. However, two major factors can ultimately make or break your final product: genetics and nutrition.

Genetic makeup determines important factors like plant yield and potency, while high-quality nutrients developed specifically for cannabis maximize the growth potential of seeds that boast top-quality genetics.


Genetics determine plant profiles
The sad truth is, even with all the strides that have been made in cannabis genetics over the past few decades, the average grower usually ends up with a genetically inferior crop. Low-quality seeds often are sold by unskilled breeders using names of popular clone-only strains. If you ask these breeders about Mendelian inheritance, for example, they’ll give you a blank stare. For them, breeding is simply crossing two plants together and selling the seed.

Success starts with a reliable plant, so you need to perform thorough research up front to understand the genetic makeup of the plant you’re planning to cultivate. You’ll want to investigate yield estimates, potency levels, cannabinoid profiles, pest resistance, and optimum growing environment to ensure the most successful grow possible.

Nutrition maximizes growth potential
If you’re training to be a world-class athlete, nutrition is the key to optimizing performance. The same is true for cannabis. To unleash its true genetic potential, you need to use top-quality nutrients that are engineered specifically for cannabis growth.

Cannabis has complex and unique nutrient needs. Many fertilizers available for cannabis are based on standardized agricultural formulas for crops with completely different nutrient needs. Most nutrient ingredients are mined from mineral sources contaminated with heavy metals such as arsenic or lead, which results in a product that’s not fit for consumption.

If you’ve invested the time and money in researching your plants’ genetic profile, then using a nutritional growth system tested on cannabis plants and made with high-quality ingredients designed to strengthen growth potential is an absolute must. These products deliver the ideal balance of macro-, secondary, and micronutrients. Using microbe-rich supplements to boost root health and development while supplementing with plant extracts and amino acids to enhance flower production and growth rate will create phenomenal results in your grow.

By understanding your plants’ genetic potential and using the best nutrients for cannabis growth, you’ll unleash your crop’s true growth capacity and create cup-worthy products your customers will love.

BigMike Straumietis, Advanced NutrientsSince 1983, BigMike Straumietis has worked to bring cannabis to its true genetic potential while overseeing the cultivation of millions of plants. His company, Advanced Nutrients, offers a complete growing system that manages all phases of a plant’s life from seed to senescence.