5 Great Horticulture Products for May

PX1v2017 LargeWithLogo
PX1v2017 LargeWithLogo

Precision Extraction PX1

As Precision’s flagship product, the PX1, aka “The Judge,” is an ample, competent, economical, compliant extraction unit. The system can process thirty to forty pounds of material per day, and its patent-pending, on-demand temperature control makes PX1 easy to use. PrecisionExtraction.com


Mills Nutrients, productsMills Nutrients Vitalize

Carefully crafted to make plants robust, hearty, and more resistant to anxiety, this revolutionary bioavailable form of silica may be used as a root soak or foliar spray to increase yield and nutrient uptake. May be used with any nutrient formula, in soil or soil-less, indoors or out. MillsNutrients.com

C-Bite, productsC-Bite Stake Grips

Get a grip on your garden with C-Bite plant clips that allow organization of ascending plants by connecting in multiple ways, freeing you to be creative and your garden design malleable. CBite.com

Method Seven Grown Room, productsMethod Seven Grow Room Glasses

In 2011, Method Seven developed the Rendition™ lens to balance the harsh yellow light of high-pressure sodium (HPS) lamps. Now comes the world’s first lightweight glasses optimized for LED lighting environments. The lenses are painstakingly made to rigorous standards and optical clarity using Carl Zeiss color balance. MethodSeven.com



Hydropress, ProductsHydropress

The Ai HydroPress 3×2 electrical heat press features dual built-in digital thermometers and heaters, allowing you to precisely control the temperature of your transfer. This is a “plug and play” unit and does not require an air compressor to operate. acrossinternational.com